Thursday, January 17, 2008

Plato's Feast (A Poem With An Advance)

It looks like I've been authorship a batch on Plato this past hebdomad (or using him as a reference), trying to refresh myself with his, "Republic," for acquisitive grounds (of which I read some twenty-five old age ago) amalgamated with today's competition of states and groups, it have made me believe on paradise. But on the other manus it is perhaps because philosophers just fall into my sphere of ideas this week, not certain why, perhaps because of religion, or the political jobs of the day. I've been reading the document a batch also, simple substances and some rough ones, a batch of nihilist activities. On the other hand, people looking for Utopia, and determination Hell in its place. Sociable and political Reconstruction in Iraq, less and less morality in a few African states; thus, sitting at the café, down feather in Miraflores (Lima) yesterday, Iodine wrote the poem, "Plato's Feast," out on the napkin, I trust you like it, it have got got a good premiss to it, I make believe and perhaps suits the temperament of the twenty-four hours (for it looks to me, among all this, all I've said, we are becoming more than primitive, too much straightforwardness, all looking for the, Garden of Eden), and perchance we necessitate a break, and Plato's Banquet may just be that break:

In kernel he says,

the priests make torments,

to offer paradise, to derive control

of the present-!

Thus, calling them myths....

In the procedure he makes his ain philosophy

(way of life, beliefs, thinking, values):

Calls it "The Republic";

he would have you think,

it offers redemption.

He would have acknowledged

Shakespeare, had he lived

in his day, but warned

his followers, "He's slippery!"-

He will reason the portion

is bigger than the whole,

just to argue-this perchance

is the worst I can state of him;

the best: he brought us

cherished treasures.

#2156 1-16-2007

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